MSc Financial Economics: Financial Markets and Regulation

MSc Finance: Financial Markets and Crisis

Date Lecture Notes and Optional Reading
Tuesday, 14 Jan
Asset Price Bubbles: Part I, Part II, Reading
Wednesday, 15 Jan (90 min.)
Monetary Policy in Normal Times and During a Crisis, Reading  
Tuesday, 21 Jan Speculative Attacks: Part I, Part II, Reading
Wednesday, 22 Jan How the Crisis Arose, Reading
Tuesday, 28 Jan Central Banks: Part I, Part II, Reading
Wednesday, 29 Jan Prudential Regulation and Crisis Management, Reading


Additional Reading: blogs, columns and reports on many topics

John Cochrane’s blog, The Grumpy Economist

Paul Krugman's blogs and columns, Conscience of a Liberal.

Greg Mankiw’s blog, Random Observations for Students of Economics

IMF blog, IMF Direct

Project Syndicate


Reports by the panel of experts for the ECON committee of the European Parliament for its Quarterly Dialogue with the ECB (Click on the different years in the grey box at the top)


MSc Fin Econ students will have 10 weeks of lectures, Easter essay, 3 hour exam in June
MSc Fin students doing only the five week version as an option will have a two hour exam in May/June


Scheduling clarification: the only slot that is 90 minutes is on Wednesday 15 January. All other slots, including 14 January are the full evening.